Thursday, July 15, 2010

Failed Experiments

The avocado seed broke in half when I planted it, as you know if you read yesterdays exciting tail. But today I actually did my homework first. So I’m going to have science experiments all over my room. Which mom will just LOVE.

Following these instructions ( from an awesome gardening blog: Mastering Horticulture, I should have a germinated avocado seed in a few weeks. Similar instructions for germinating a mango seed can also be found at that site: and I’m totally going to do that too cuz mangos rock my socks.

I’m going to need more pots soon. Pots - plural - you damn hippies.

On a job note I had an awesome interview today at Pet Food Express. Great company, great people I really hope I can get the job and look fwd to future managerial positions.

Speaking of pets my cat is in need of her vaccines. Looks like a trip to the Clinic for you Waffles! ::evil laugh::

All right I haven't eaten today so I'm off to make a sammich which will provide me with a new avocado seed and I'll eat a mango then experiment on that seed!

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