Thursday, July 15, 2010

Failed Experiments

The avocado seed broke in half when I planted it, as you know if you read yesterdays exciting tail. But today I actually did my homework first. So I’m going to have science experiments all over my room. Which mom will just LOVE.

Following these instructions ( from an awesome gardening blog: Mastering Horticulture, I should have a germinated avocado seed in a few weeks. Similar instructions for germinating a mango seed can also be found at that site: and I’m totally going to do that too cuz mangos rock my socks.

I’m going to need more pots soon. Pots - plural - you damn hippies.

On a job note I had an awesome interview today at Pet Food Express. Great company, great people I really hope I can get the job and look fwd to future managerial positions.

Speaking of pets my cat is in need of her vaccines. Looks like a trip to the Clinic for you Waffles! ::evil laugh::

All right I haven't eaten today so I'm off to make a sammich which will provide me with a new avocado seed and I'll eat a mango then experiment on that seed!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So I decided to plant an avocado seed today. This turned into a trip to Target (of course, what doesn't these days). At Target I bought two pots and three packets of seeds for other things that had NOTHING to do with planting an avocado seed. Which I broke in half upon soil entry. So.. we'll see if the little guy even takes, he's prolly pissed at me for breaking his nuts..aha..ahaha...ehem. The other seeds I bought to plant are Cilantro, Chives, and Foxgloves. I love foxgloves, they like to be different than all the other common flowers. Chives and Cilantro end up in almost everything I make anyway, so I might as well try and grow my own, thing is though - when I harvest Cilantro will I have to start over with new seeds, or do I cut the leaves off the top and new ones grow?
Someone is going to have to fill me in on this. I guess I could google it. But sometimes I like talking to people. Other wise I wouldn't play wow. Come and go socialization people!
My cat was quite miffed I was outside in the sun playing with dirt and all she could do was stare me down from her nice air conditioned throne. She's never been an outside cat and that's not about to start now since we live against hills with animals that look at her like I look at a bag of Sun Chips.
Hmph, of course at Target I had to go check out the make up section even though I rarely put any on. Regardless I bought Rimmel foundation and an on sale Target product eye shadow box. It was 5 bucks get off me. I need an income though. Hire me!
Now I have to clean my bathroom and paint my nails a different color to satisfy my OCD ADD. Yay! Then I'll level my Mage.
I'll let you guys know how the seeds come along.